Uncovering the New Wireless Interaction Paradigm.
Heiko Sacher & Gareth Loudon | ACM Interactions, January/February 2002

The potential of advanced wireless networks far surpasses today’s mobile extensions of PC and Internet applications. But these new applications are not yet clear. Leveraging competence in customer research and interaction design, the human-computer interaction (HCI) community is, therefore, in the perfect position to address a key need of this industry: new application discovery. More…


Adding a “Sense of Place” To a Mobile Phone UI Platform.
Heiko Sacher | ACM CHI Conference, April, 2007.

Various kinds of location-based services (LBS) and applications have been proposed and developed for mobile devices e.g. car navigation, person locator, map display, location-aware search. However, using location as a general attribute within the user experience of mobile communication platforms is still in its infancy. More… 



The Culture of Interaction: About Foreign and Not-So-Foreign Languages.
Heiko Sacher & Michael Margolis  |  ACM Interactions, January/February 2000

The growth of the Internet, along with advanced interaction technologies such as speech recognition, wireless computing, and intelligent agents, is increasingly driving the strategies of computer and software corporations. Paradigm shifts in these developments significantly affect how design consultancies think about and carry out design. More…



Interactions in Chinese: Designing interfaces for Asian languages.
Heiko Sacher  |  ACM Interactions, September/October 1998

Human–computer interfaces for Chinese-speaking users attract growing attention in the computer business. Impressive growth projections for China’s economy and the rapid technology adoption by the so-called Asian Tigers make solutions for oriental languages an important part in today’s design strategies. More….