Microsoft | Skype for Outlook

Microsoft | Skype for Outlook

I was leading the initial efforts to bring Skype’s signature video calling experience to web browsers. At the time, Skype was only available via desktop or mobile apps.

After the acquisition by Microsoft, I worked with a joint team from Skype and Outlook to ship the first ever Skype-for-browser solution. The priority of this effort was to retain Skype’s brand and interaction patterns while connecting to various launch points in the Outlook environment.

Not only did this project bring new, rich communication options to Outlook customers, but it was also the first design integration achievement of both companies.


Call notification: Skype notifications delivered in the browser.


Incoming call: Skype’s brand language including signature animations and sounds.


Skype chat option: Quick chat messages in a video call are kept as Outlook messages.


Set up: First time use required a short setup dialog.