Feedc | Connecting People & Places

Feedc  |  Connecting People & Places

The founders of Feedc approached me with the idea of a social network centered around places on different scales: Around Me – My city – My country – The world.  The challenge was to create a tangible experience for this concept and develop a complete app design for a first version.

The result of this design effort was a simple, yet unique signature interaction that lets users expand or reduce the scope of their place experience with a swipe on the home screen. At the same time familiar patterns were applied to established features along with a clean, minimal design language. Further branding and visual refinements were planned for later versions.


Viewing and commenting on a post. Posting is available only “Around me”. Popular posts get promoted to the next level up by a “like” algorithm.


Clean and simple photo post UI – with or without captions.


Text-only posts are displayed on relevant backgrounds (e.g. profile photo, maps, local snapshots)


Places, people, and hashtags can be explored deeper via notifications, search and favorites.


Rankings can be viewed in relation to city, country, and world.