DOC | Digital Optimized Care

DOC  |  Digital Optimized Care

The DOC service streamlines doctor-patient communication by using familiar social messaging patterns. Initially targeted for the healthcare system in Kuwait, I worked with two local founders who are medical practitioners themselves.

The designs include tailored, mobile endpoints for patients, doctors, nurses and a web console for clinic administrators.  My focus was on translating the founders’ deep, real-world knowledge of user roles and information flows in a clinic into a system experience. This iterative process informed the entire UX architecture and all application UI’s from the ground up. The resulting design was implemented in the first version of DOC and used for a pilot study in a clinic.


Patients can quickly book appointments and learn about available physicians.


Information around appointments is always accessible to patients with optional reminders and follow-up messaging with the physician.


Physician’s view with appointments and patients for the day. Data for each patient is available. Diagnosis and treatments are captured during the appointment.


Manage schedules via web interface along with general administration of the system.