Mproov | Online Fitness Community

Mproov | Online Fitness Community

Based on an abstract business idea, my client was trying to get a startup off the ground. Mproov is a social, on-line fitness community hosted by corporations, non-profit organizations, or clubs. It fosters team building as well as personal wellness development.

Within limited time and budget, I provided the start-up founder with a package including experience concept, design foundation, and the start of a visual language.

I provided high-resolution designs for the key use cases that allowed a freelance developer to create a working prototype with a compelling look and feel—an effective product showcase for partners and investors.


Main screen: Dashboard to my fitness community and own progress.


Sharing dialog: Achievements, frustrations, and inspirations that were shared with team members.


My progress: Simple, but engaging stats.


Foundations for a brand: Preliminary logo development.